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Tonight I cast my vote in my party’s presidential contest. I noticed that women comprised a majority of the officials, who were tasked with witnessing the vote to ensure that it was done correctly. This has been the case nearly every time I have cast a vote. I am not aware of a single claim that women are less capable than men to properly witness voting.

As a litigator, I regularly work with witnesses. Despite my work with hundreds of witnesses over 28 years, I have yet to detect a gender difference. Both women and men are capable of observing and reporting events.

Like most Americans, I regularly watch video of Congressional hearings on the news. Both men and women are called in front of committees to testify. There are witnesses who crumble and witnesses who perform well under extraordinary pressure from the committees. It is clear that gender is not the distinguishing factor between successful and unsuccessful witnesses.

So, we ask you Dear Brethren, why can’t women witness in the Church? If women can witness the vote, surely they can witness a baptism. If women can witness in a court of law, obviously they can witness in a holy temple. If women can witness before Congress, of course they are hold their newborn child and witness her blessing.

There is no question that women are capable of doing far more in the Church than witness. But, allowing women to witness is a good place for change to start. We at Ordain Women state clearly – Women are Ready to Witness!

Mark Barnes, the author of this post, is on Ordain Women’s Executive Board as Chair of the Finance Committee.