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On September 8, 2014, Ordain Women will launch the OW International Initiative.  September 8th is the 138th birthday of the first sister missionary in LDS church history, Amanda Inez Knight–who served a full-time international mission with Sister Jennie Brimhall in 1898.

Men and women have courageously submitted profiles to Ordain Women from all over the world–Brazil, Mexico, France, Switzerland, the Philippines, England, Uganda, Australia, the Netherlands, Finland, New Zealand, Quebec, Germany, and many other countries. We are thrilled to highlight their stories. They offer a fresh and much-needed global perspective on equality. These internationally-oriented profiles will be available beginning September 8 in several different languages, as will our Mission statement, FAQ’s, our 6 Conversations, and other materials over time. Also, future international actions will be announced under the Actions tab. Women’s ordination is a global desire: we are a worldwide family of sisters and brothers united in asking church leaders to bring this issue to the Lord in prayer.

OW International