Press inquiries: please e-mail info [at] ordainwomen [dot] org

Official spokeswomen of Ordain Women are:

Kate Kelly
Hannah Wheelwright
Lorie Winder
Kristy Money
Debra Jensen
April Young Bennett
Nancy Ross 

Ordain Women Executive Organizational Structure

Social Media Committee

Chairpersons:  Joanna Wallace and April Young Bennett

The Social Media Committee edits and posts profiles, maintains the OW website, and manages social media responses during activist events. The Social Media Committee gives advice and feedback where necessary.

Action Committee

Chairperson:  Kate Kelly

The Action Committee is a clearing house for ideas for the in-person, strategic, faith-building actions that are at the core of Ordain Women. Action Committee will plan logistics of all actions and make assignments to the other Committees, as necessary. The actions will range from formal statements, to symbolic public acts to small, local discussion groups and everything in between.

Communications Committee

Chairpersons:  Debra Jenson and Lorie Winder Stromberg

The Communications Committee works to ensure that all messaging and public statements support Ordain Women’s goal to faithfully agitate for ordination within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This task includes creating visual and written material, coordinating public speaking engagements, publicizing events, and working with the media to ensure that our messaging is accurate, positive and proactive.

Long Term Strategy Committee

Chairperson:  Hannah Wheelwright

The Long Term Strategy Committee is a discussion based team that focuses on considering all possible ramifications for actions, structure, messaging, and goals for Ordain Women. The LTS committee will provide other committees with suggestions and summaries of its discussions about things in that committee’s jurisdiction, will play a strong role in giving feedback on potential actions, and will serve any other internal function that will help keep Ordain Women organized, cohesive, and sustainable.

Community Support Committee

Chairperson:  Kristy Money

The Community Support Committee is in charge of people management. This committee manages the logistics of volunteers and participants on the ground during events, welcomes new supporters, and coordinates their skills and interests.  Fostering a healthy community through organizational support, international initiatives, and managing social relations are also integral here.

*** For press inquiries please send an e-mail directly to: info [at] ordainwomen [dot] org **

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