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Debra Jenson serves as the chair of the Ordain Women communications committee.


From the moment I first saw the website, my work with Ordain Women has always been about an answer to years of personal prayer. I felt a call to serve more fully: I wanted to hold the priesthood. It wasn’t really until I read the Doves and Serpents series “Equality is not a Feeling” that I realized what a systemic problem our gendered priesthood is. Today, I invite you all to revisit this series of posts that takes the issue of gendered priesthood authority out of the realm of personal anecdote and gives it numbers and real consequences in our community.

If, once you have finished reading even a few of these posts, you still believe that a gendered priesthood is good for our church—that we are operating at full capacity and allowing women and girls to develop their true and ultimate spiritual potential—then I welcome the chance to hear your thoughts. If, though, you see the structural problems and spiritual limitations our gendered priesthood creates, I challenge you to consider submitting a profile at