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Kate Kelly Decision Photo

Today I received this pro forma letter via email from Scott Wheatley, my former Stake President in the Oakton, Virginia Stake, informing me that my appeal at the stake level was denied.

This email was the first notification I received with any information regarding my appeal, despite repeated inquiries over a period of several months. I was not informed when the council would convene, nor given any details about the procedure at all. Thus, I was not adequately prepared or even given the opportunity specifically to fast and pray that the hearts of those on the council would be softened and for a positive result in my case.

The following men participated in the council to consider my appeal. I met the stake president in person twice before I moved, once with Bishop Mark Harrison and once with his counselor Ken Lee. I do not know any of the rest personally.

Stake Presidency:

  • Scott Wheatley
  • Ken Lee
  • Richard Hatch

High Council:

  • Mike Baird
  • Mario Perez
  • Jon Borrowman
  • Greg Daines
  • Troy Dow
  • David Glenn
  • Brad Keck
  • Mike Neville
  • John Voelkel
  • Michael Snarr
  • Scott Vanatter
  • Joel White

President Wheatley was my initial accuser and initiated the excommunication process against me. Therefore the notice that my appeal to him was unsuccessful does not come as a shock. However, I will admit, it is tremendously disappointing to see it on paper.

As indicated in the notice of an unsuccessful appeal, it is now my right to appeal straight to the First Presidency of the Church, comprised of the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and his two counselors Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

I maintain to this day that I am not guilty of apostasy. I intend to pursue an appeal to the First Presidency of the Church and hope that they will be able to rectify this egregious error. I have love for the gospel and its people. I have encouraged others to stay inside the Church, if they are able. As provided for in the Church’s own appeals process, it is not too late for my leaders to declare my innocence and restore me to full fellowship.

I implore the First Presidency to find that I was erroneously excommunicated, dismiss with prejudice the case against me, and reinstate my church membership. I hope and pray they will have the wisdom and courage to do so, if not for my sake, for the sake of the thousands of women this disciplinary process has deeply hurt.