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Fasting is a way for disciples of Christ to develop spiritual power. When fasting is done simultaneously for a righteous desire, it fosters unity and infuses us with great power.

Christ teaches the power of fasting in Mark 9. When their faith and priesthood was not enough for his disciples, he lovingly rebuked them and instructed them that they must not only pray but also fast.

I have a testimony of the divine power that comes from fasting. Friday, April 4th, I will fast in preparation for the action the following day. I don’t say this to fast as the Pharisees did, but to ask you, wherever you may be, whatever your current level of support for the idea of gender equality in the church, to join in unity with me, your sister, in fasting. I will be fasting for open hearts (for us, for our leaders, for our fellow members), for revelation (again, for all of us), and for strength to continue to ask difficult questions and strengthen our testimonies of Christ.

Friday April 4th Ordain Women will host a training meeting in preparation for the action the following day. If you can attend we invite you to come to the training and break the fast with us.

Orson Spencer Hall Auditorium 5:00pm