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Mother's blessing, Mormon blessing, Blessing a child, LDS, Priesthood blessing, School Blessing

A photo illustration of a Mormon mother blessing her young son. Photo by Daniele Vickers

I was happy to have the opportunity to participate in this photo-illustration for Ordain Women.  For me, this photo represents so much of what I love about the LDS church: peace in my faith traditions, joy in Christ’s teachings of love and inclusion, eternal perspective, a stronger sense of my divine nature, and the possibility of further light and knowledge from my Heavenly Parents.

I hope that my sons will remember what this moment felt like, and I hope that the memory will help them think of me as a spiritual leader, capable of having a personal and direct relationship with God.  It is because of my faith, and not in spite of it, that I am seeking change with Ordain Women. Ordain Women has given me a place to voice my heartfelt questions, my deepest hurts, and my desires born of faith.

Honoring our past,
Envisioning our future

Cally Stephens, the author of this post, is on the Social Media Committee of Ordain Women.