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Reflecting this year’s OW theme, “Honoring Our Past, Envisioning Our Future,” our direct action will take the form of a public art project and an on-going art installation. Immediately after the Saturday afternoon session of October 2015 General Conference, in locations around Temple Square, a number of OW supporters will create “living picture” scenes of events in LDS history. The scenes will depict some of the diverse ways Mormon women have practiced their faith, including instances when women acted with institutionally-sanctioned authority presently associated with priesthood office.

Following the historical presentations, we will proceed with those featured in the depictions past Temple Square and the LDS Conference Center to City Creek Park, where we will inaugurate the “Keys” public art installation. One by one, all participants will attach keys, symbolic of our desire for women to have full access to ordination and decision-making authority in the LDS Church, to a gated structure designed by artist Ginny Huo. The “Keys” public art installation will be featured as part of the women in religion initiative at the Parliament of the World’s Religions conference in Salt Lake City, 15-19 October 2015. As keys continue to be added, it will remain a permanent monument in Utah to the movement for women’s equality in religion. 

We encourage all who support women’s ordination to become part of the “Keys” art action. You can participate in several ways:

  • Join us in Salt Lake City on Saturday, October 3, 2015. Those participating as docents and characters in the living history depictions will meet in City Creek Park at 3:00 pm. All other participants should bring a key (or extra keys, if you have them) and arrive no later than 3:30 pm for a brief prayer service and action instructions. Make sure you RSVP on our Facebook event page and fill out the form, indicating whether you would like to volunteer as a character in the living picture scenes, as a docent to explain and answer questions about the scenes, or as a participant in the “Keys” procession and art installation inaugural ceremony.
  • If you are unable to attend in person, you can participate by proxy. A key will be added on your behalf to the “Keys” public art installation during the inaugural ceremony. Let us know if you’d like your initials or your name written on the key. We hope to add hundreds of keys, so please submit your proxy key request using this form.
  • You can help with the costs involved in funding the “Keys” art project by donating to the “Go Fund Me” campaign. Your support is essential to this project and every single dollar counts. Please donate to the campaign specifically, or click on the Donate button at