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Joanna serves on the Ordain Women executive board.

I have been thinking a lot about my outspokenness within my faith. I have always believed that parity for women is possible. I have had faith from the minute I wrote my profile that women would get the priesthood. It would happen and that it was morally necessary for the health of our LDS community and sustainability of Mormonism. I still believe that now more than ever. Mormonism should be leading the way in equality for women. We teach our sons and daughters from their first nursery songs that they are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parents and that they too will grow up to be divine. LDS women know that they are equal to men. I believe that women will become leaders in ALL areas of the world and religion is no exception. The reason I have faith in such a bold statement is simple…. the first place I ever saw true leadership was in my home ward during Primary.

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