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Meme. The background is a gradient in purple, dark purple in the lower left-hand corner fading to white in the upper right-hand corner. The text reads, “The best kind of religious freedom enables women to determine their own beliefs, to speak out when they see shortfalls in the practice of their faith traditions, to choose a different religion and to participate in society.” -Mormon Newsroom 3/8/17. There are two photos.  In the first, a man sits behind a desk, with a woman seated in front of the desk.  Scriptures are open in front of him, and he seems to be referencing something on the pages. She is holding a tissue, indicating she is receiving counsel or comfort.  In the second photo, the man is removed, and she sits alone. The bottom of the meme has the Ordain Women logo and the hashtags #MoreWomen #Possibilities #OrdainWomen

#MoreWomen #Possibilities #OrdainWomen