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Meme. The background is a gradient in purple, dark purple in the lower left-hand corner fading to white in the upper right-hand corner. The text reads, “Limiting religious expression disempowers women from a broad range of faiths.” -Mormon Newsroom 3/9/17. There are two pictures.  The first is a picture of Russell M. Nelson standing behind a podium speaking to an audience.  There are several men sitting on the stand behind him. In the second picture, Nelson and all the men have been removed.  The only person left on the stand is a woman, but she is sitting outside the frame of the picture and you can only see her left shoulder. Otherwise, the stand and podium are empty. The bottom of the meme has the Ordain Women logo and the hashtags #MoreWomen #Possibilities #OrdainWomen

#MoreWomen #Possibilities #OrdainWomen