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Yesterday (4/1/2017) during General Conference there were 18 speakers and 6 prayers offered. We heard no female voices.

Meme. The background is a gradient in purple, dark purple in the lower left-hand corner fading to white in the upper right-hand corner. The text reads, “Friction arises when minorities [and women] exert their presence in public life.” -Mormon Newsroom 3/8/17. There are two pictures, the second overlaps the first. In the first picture, we see the podium and stand at General Conference. President Uchtdorf is as the podium, he and the body of people behind him are raising their right hands, indicating that they are sustaining leaders and officers of the church. Not counting the choir sitting behind the stand, there are between 80 and 90 people in the photo. In the second picture, all of the men have been removed.  This leaves 9 women sitting alone. The bottom of the meme has the Ordain Women logo and the hashtags #MoreWomen #Possibilities #OrdainWomen

#MoreWomen #Possibilities #OrdainWomen