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The Ordain Women executive board is pleased to announce five new board members:  Joanna Wallace, Bryndis Roberts, Mark Barnes, Gina Colvin, and Danielle Mooney.  Each brings unique contributions to our leadership team; they are all brave, hardworking and brilliant people; and it is our pleasure to officially introduce them to our supporters.  Please read their profiles (linked below). They all have fascinating stories and messages to share.

Joanna Wallace co-chairs the Social Media Committee with April Young Bennett.  She hails from Georgia, is an avid quilter, blogger, and home-schools all four of her beautiful children.

Bryndis Roberts co-chairs the Community Support Committee with Kristy Money.  She is also from Georgia and is a lawyer.

Mark Barnes chairs the Male Allies Committee.  He is a lawyer and lives in Salt Lake City.

Gina Colvin chairs the International Committee.   She is an education professor who lives and works in New Zealand.   She also blogs as Kiwi Mormon at Patheos.

Danielle Mooney co-chairs the Action Committee with Kate Kelly.  She lives in Boston and recently welcomed her first baby daughter.

To read an overview of OW’s executive organizational structure, please see our Contact page.