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Friday, Oct. 4

Participant Training: 7:00–9:00 pm, University of Utah, 1945 LNCO (Language and Communication building, just south of the Ray Olpin University Union building)
If you plan to attend the action on Saturday, please try to attend this training session. We will review the details for Saturday and provide training for participants, including de-escalation training and role-playing, in case of antagonistic encounters. There will be food and a chance to get to know other OW supporters after the training at our “Linger Longer.”


Saturday, Oct. 5

Opening Exercises: 4:00 pm at City Creek Park (110 N State Street Salt Lake City, Utah)

Welcome, prayer, and hymn, before walking together to the Conference Center. City Creek Park is located one block East of the Conference Center, at the Northeast intersection of North Temple and State Street.

Standby Line: 4:30 pm at Conference Center, Temple Square
We will leave the park and walk to the Conference Center and wait in the standby ticket line for admittance to the Priesthood Session located near the North gate of Temple Square. If allowed in, we will respectfully attend the session, then return to City Creek Park. If turned away, we will return to City Creek Park, directly. Ordain Women organizers and coordinators will help everyone stay in the loop while waiting. If admitted, we will sit close together in the section that the ushers lead us to.

Thank You & Closing Remarks: 6:00/8:00pm at City Creek Park
Immediately following events at the Conference Center, we will return to City Creek Park—around 6:00 if we are not admitted, around 8:00 if we are. We will listen to the session on livestream at the park if we are not admitted to the Conference Center.

There we will have another prayer and hymn, before departing. Feel free to stay after and discuss the experience.

Travel & Directions

Ordain Women has both a ride board and a housing coordinator, for those looking for shared rides or housing. The ride board is hosted at For information on shared housing, send an email with “Housing” in the subject to
Friday evening’s event is at the LNCO, the Language and Communication building, just south of the Ray Olpin University Union building on the University of Utah campus. It is located at 255 Central Campus Drive:

Saturday’s event is in the heart of downtown SLC, at City Creek Park and Temple Square:

The closest Trax stop to City Creek Park is at City Creek Center, about 1.5 blocks away. Trax service can be taken directly from the SLC Airport (and may other points) to the City Creek Center stop. From City Creek Center, walk north across Temple Square. City Creek Park is one block east from the Conference Center. There are also 10+ bus lines with a stop within a block of the park. For schedules and fares, see

Parking is very tight in downtown SLC; you may be able to park at the City Creek Center, if parking hasn’t already been filled by other General Conference attendees. You may also be able to park at The Gateway and take Trax to the City Creek stop. (The Gateway is within the Free Fare Zone, so no ticket or fare is required.) Both of these parking options are paid lots, but validation may be available if you make purchases during your stay.

Please plan plenty of travel time, as General Conference weekend adds to travel and parking time.