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Debra Jenson serves as the chair of the Ordain Women communications committee.

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I often get asked by men AND women, “But, what will men do if women are ordained?” This question has always troubled me because I believe it assumes that priesthood is somehow a zero-sum thing; that if it is shared, it is reduced. I cannot accept the idea that the foundational authority of my faith is limited and I do not believe that the power that our Heavenly Parents used to create all existence is finite. NO. The power of God is infinite and should be shared and spread to all who are worthy.

My vision of the church culture after women are ordained is one of equal participation in all things. Young women would help bless and pass the sacrament; mothers would stand with fathers while babies are blessed; sister missionaries would help baptize and confirm new members; women would sit on the stand, presiding over congregations and providing spiritual guidance.

So, what will men do if women are ordained? They will stand next to us, they will listen to us, they will sustain us.

Men and women stand together in a circle, for a baby bless.