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3/6/2014: Jodi Kantor & Laurie Goodstein cover the changes Mormon women want to see in the Church here.  They interviewed Ordain Women founder Kate Kelly, and Kristy Money:

“Only opening the priesthood to women can address the gender imbalance in the church, contends Kate Kelly, a human rights attorney in Washington who founded the Ordain Women movement. ‘Not only do Mormons believe the priesthood is the power of God, and can perform and officiate in miracles, but it’s also completely intertwined with the governance structure of the church,’ she said. ‘There is no amount of incremental change, and no amount of additional concessions that the church can make to extend an olive branch to women without changing that fundamental inequality.’

When Dr. Money was told she could not hold her daughter, Rosie, at the church baby-naming ceremony, she held it in her home instead, and then signed up with Ms. Kelly’s group. Next month, when advocates of female ordination hold their latest protest, asking for admittance to male-only meetings at the church’s semiannual General Conference, Dr. Money will join them, with Rosie in her arms.”

        10/5/2013: Laurie Goodstein reports on a General Conference talk acknowledging past mistakes and discusses Ordain Women’s action on October 5th of seeking entrance to the Priesthood Session here.