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[Ed. Last night, we held a training meeting for those participating in tonight’s event. The information below was given out at that meeting and is posted here for those who couldn’t attend or who need a review. More about the schedule, including maps and transportation information, is available in our earlier post.]


Opening Exercises: 4:00 pm at City Creek Park (110 N State Street Salt Lake City, Utah)

We’ll have a welcome message, prayer, and hymn before walking together to the Conference Center. City Creek Park is located one block East of the Conference Center, at the Northeast intersection of North Temple and State Street.

Standby Line: 4:30 pm at Conference Center, Temple Square

We will walk to the Conference Center and wait in the standby ticket line (located near the North gate of Temple Square) for admittance to the Priesthood Session. If allowed in, we will respectfully attend the session, then return to City Creek Park. If turned away, we will return to City Creek Park, directly. Ordain Women organizers and coordinators will help everyone stay in the loop while waiting. If admitted, we will sit close together in the section that the ushers lead us to.

Thank You & Closing Remarks: 6:00/8:00pm at City Creek Park

Immediately following events at the Conference Center, we will return to City Creek Park—around 6:00 if we are not admitted, around 8:00 if we are. If we are not admitted, we will listen to the session on livestream at the park. Afterward, we will have another prayer and hymn before departing. Feel free to stay longer and discuss the experience with the other participants.


Media: The Ordain Women Spokeswomen are: April Young Bennett, Debra Jenson, Kate Kelly, Suzette Smith, Chelsea Shields Strayer, Hannah Wheelwright, and Lorie Winder.

Refer reporters to Ordain Women spokeswomen if you don’t want to talk to a reporter, if a reporter asks you a question you don’t know how to answer, or if anyone asks you about official  positions or strategies of Ordain Women. When speaking to reporters, speak from personal experience: use “I” statements like “I think/want/feel,” “In my experience,” or “In my opinion.” Do not speak on behalf of Ordain Women (describe Ordain Women plans, strategies, positions, etc.), use sarcasm, speak contemptuously of the church, describe this action as a “protest” (action, event, attending priesthood session, or demonstration are acceptable terms), ask them to ignore/not report/forget/keep off-record something you have already said (they won’t comply and they don’t have to), say anything you would be uncomfortable seeing in print.

You will be photographed—you may wear sunglasses, do your hair differently than usual, etc, but you may not prevent media from using images of you taken at a public event. Read our Event Q and A so that you are prepared to answer basic questions. If any reporters or camera people are in the vicinity, anything you say may be recorded. Maintain a dignified image at all times.

De-escalation: The event is not intended to be antagonistic. If attendees, particularly males standing in line or nearby, appear or act threatening to you, consider the following: take a deep breath, body language/tone/voice, allow space, set boundaries, ignore challenge questions, return to point of agreement, seek mutual purpose. Trust your instincts and end the interaction if de-escalation isn’t working. Above all, maintain your own safety. If you feel uncomfortable, ask for help; Ordain Women will have volunteers designated to help de-escalate confrontational situations in line.

Appearance/decorum: This is an event organized by Ordain Women, which advocates respectful demonstration, and organizers will make sure that participants represent the group appropriately. As such, there will be no signs allowed and no tirades against the Church. Participants should wear their Sunday best, as they would to attend any session of General Conference.