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We sustain the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and are grateful to receive guidance from our leaders. We pray that they will continue to respond directly to the needs and desires of Church members and take their concerns and questions to God. The statement describes current church policy on priesthood, in which “only men are ordained to serve in priesthood offices.” There is no mention of why women cannot be ordained or that they will not be in the future. We continue in the sincere hope that our leaders will prayerfully bring this question before the Lord.

We also acknowledge that the statement publicly discloses the official definition of apostasy from Church Handbook of Instructions Volume 1, a volume of church policy that is available to thousands of male leaders but restricted to only nine women in the Church. We affirm that we are not acting in opposition to the prophet or the Church, have not taught false doctrine and do not meet any definition of apostasy.

Ordain Women Executive Board:

April Bennett

Chelsea Strayer

Debra Jenson

Hannah Wheelwright

Heather Beal

Kate Kelly

Lorie Winder

Nancy Ross