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Ordain Women is saddened to learn that our  request for tickets to the upcoming priesthood session has been denied. As faithful Mormon women, we will reverently seek admission to the April 5th general conference priesthood session as a demonstration of our eagerness for the blessings and responsibilities of the priesthood. 

We affirm our faith that the prophets and apostles who lead the church will seek direction and answers from the Lord, rather than substitute revelation for a quickly shifting measure of popularity. All members of the kingdom are of equal worth in the eyes of God. We hope our leaders and fellow saints will remember that we are one with them in the body of Christ and will echo the words of President Uchtdorf to “Come! Join with us.”

We are eager to participate in dialogue on the policy of women’s priesthood exclusion. As Elder Andersen taught during the October 2013 general conference, we do not know why women are barred from ordination at this time, but God’s priesthood power does not belong to men and is far greater than those who administer the gift. We continue to await both invitations for discussion and revelation as we faithfully follow Paul’s admonish to “covet earnestly the best gifts.”