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If you are unable to attend one of the vigils being held for Kate Kelly and Ordain Women on June 22, in either Salt Lake City or Fairfax County Virginia, we encourage you to coordinate a local gathering and pin it on this map. The disciplinary hearing is scheduled for 7:00pm EST. Adjust your own meeting time accordingly.

  • Choose a location. Because this is a religious vigil, your local LDS chapel would be appropriate. Gather on the sidewalk near church grounds to remain on public property. You may also ask your local bishop/building coordinator IN ADVANCE to use the chapel lawn or to use the foyer in the event of rain. Other potential venues include someone’s home, a local park, or a local women’s history monument. Take note if your chosen location requires a permit. Your local LDS temple is not an appropriate venue.
  • If you are having a candlelight vigil, you must be outdoors and in compliance with local fire codes. Alternatively, battery-operated lights can be used.
  • Consider whether you will need a PA system and, if you do, plan to acquire one for the event.
  • Invite friends and family to participate in the planning or to join you for the vigil. Use Ordain Women’s map of vigil locations to coordinate with others in your area.
  • Please ask people to bring a handkerchief (of any color) and a photo of themselves or their family. We will be collecting the handkerchiefs for a quilt.

Create a program for the event that will be appropriate to your location and participants. Consider the following outline:

  • Have a set start and end time.
  • Open with a hymn and a prayer. Create a list of hymns to use throughout the evening that are peaceful and comforting. You may want to provide sheet music.
  • Offer words of welcome.
  • Ask someone to prepare and share a devotional message.
  • Sing another hymn. If using candles (real or battery-operated), light the first candle and symbolically or literally begin to light everyone else’s candles by sharing the light with those near you.
  • Have a moment of silence.
  • Invite all those who are comfortable to take turns sharing their refusal to be silenced in short sentences, such as: “For my daughters, I will not be silent;” “As a daughter of God, I will not be silent;” “In honor of my foremothers who courageously walked across the plains, I will not be silent;” “For my sisters who have no voice in the church, I will not be silent;” etc. Each person should keep his or her remark brief. OR If your group is small, you may wish to invite everyone to take a few minutes to share additional thoughts or testimonies.
  • Offer status updates about Kate’s hearing or the other vigils as needed.
  • Depending on the time, sing additional hymns or hold another moment of silence.
  • End with another short devotional message and a closing prayer. Leave the venue in good order.