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Hello, my name is Breeanne. I was raised in the church, married in the temple and have served with the Young Women and Primary for many years. I’m a PhD student, avid cyclist, and an ardent believer in social justice. Like my pioneer ancestors who gave up their whole world to walk to Utah, I love the faith I was raised in and am anxious to consecrate my life to helping my own community become a place where there are “no poor among [us]” (Moses 7:18).

I believe in a loving God; I believe in an empowering God. I believe in a God that expects and enables us to help and love and care for one another. If indeed the priesthood has been given to us for the purpose of furthering that work then extending priesthood authority to our dedicated, faithful women will serve only to hasten our ability to build Zion.

I ache for our modern day church to honor the beautiful heritage of our early pioneer women who blessed and healed one another by the laying on of hands. I am thankful beyond words for the beautiful, steadfast sisters that have led and taught me over the course of my life. The idea that I might have also been blessed, set apart, and officially counselled by the strong hands and compassionate souls of women I adored and trusted stirs my soul and leads me to ask that our women be given more power to act in God’s name.

I long for a day when our twelve year old girls are entrusted with rights and responsibilities equal to those of their male peers. I hope for an era when our youth are all instructed in matters of homemaking, leadership, nurturing and career building and taught to chart their own life course according to their aptitudes and interests instead of their gender.

I long to see the faith of my birth and my heritage move toward Zion, to being of “one heart and one mind” (Moses 7:18) and I believe that starts with gender equality in priesthood power and administration. I believe that equality blesses everyone. I believe women should be ordained.