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I’m Abby and I am a lifelong Mormon with Mormon pioneer stock in my blood. Mormonism is my history, my community, my education, my family, my faith and my life. I studied at BYU, received a degree in education, taught for many years, and now use my teaching skills in my home with my two young children.  My church leaders have noticed my skills and interests and I have served in Primary my whole adult life and I wholeheartedly enjoy and love it.

As I prepare lessons for the young children I teach, I make sure to emphasize the beauty and knowledge of women in the scriptures along with the men while still keeping the purity of the lesson.  Women have played a powerful role in God’s work since the beginning of times and yet are not often recognized for it. Within my own ancestry, there are many strong Mormon women, one of which was excommunicated for divorcing her abusive husband while he remained a fully privileged member.  I chose to name my daughter after her and tell my daughter of her great grandmother’s strength often.

I do not see the Church as black and white but many shades of beautiful gray.  I tend to look for the good in the LDS Church.  I have to be true to myself and will not preach, tolerate or allow the intolerance, especially when it includes inequality in human rights, to come into my beliefs. I may be even more progressive than some in believing that the priesthood lies inside all of us regardless if hands are placed on our heads to bestow it.  I think the priesthood is an inherent quality and we can all be worthy to use it for good.  I also understand the importance of ritual and ordinances in our church.  If a woman feels she needs the ritual of the priesthood being bestowed upon her, she should be allowed to ask for it and even receive it. I believe women should be ordained.