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Hi, I’m Allison. I grew up in Sandy, Utah, in a very devout Mormon family. I have not been active in the Church for fifteen years, and currently work as an actress in Juneau, Alaska – which is far away from the Utah Mormon culture. I still feel like Mormonism is my ethnicity, because it has shaped who I am, and is a part of every single interaction that I have with my family. Occasionally, I even say Mormon prayers.

As a child, I was surrounded by strong, passionate, devoted, intelligent, and determined female leaders in the Church. Those women shaped who I am. But if they ever expressed receiving revelation about the Church or spoke too sternly to the priesthood leaders, they were often considered hysterical or pushy. These women obviously did not have the priesthood, so they were not allowed to make any ultimate decisions. I hope that my mother, sisters, and nieces will be able to hold the priesthood someday.

I believe women should be ordained.