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There was a moment in high school seminary, which crystalizes the reason why I am no longer a member of the Mormon Church. A new member asked why women are not allowed to become priesthood holders. An awkward silence ensued, before our seminary teacher gave this new member a few scriptures to look up and said that she could ask him if she ‘had any more questions.’ I was part of that awkward silence, and after, I questioned why. I realized that she had asked the question I had only broached to my church member parents at the age of eleven and was told that ‘girls are equally blessed in the Church, for it is up to them to mother, to nurture, to create a loving family home.’ Which was an altogether confusing response to an eleven year old whom still held marriage and motherhood as the furthest thing from her mind.

I believe in life we have the ability to progress, remain stagnant or regress. Ordaining women into the priesthood is a tangible step of progression. While I am no longer a member, I am a wife, a mother, a university professor, and a loving family member and friend to many in the Church. And I believe women should be ordained.