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Hi, I’m Ana.

My Mormonism runs generations deep, and more importantly, deep in my heart. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Parents, and I am so grateful for the unique teachings of the Church as well as the vital force of ward families in my life. I have worked in public relations and science communication and currently teach communications courses part-time at my local university. My husband and I have been blessed with four children through adoption; the youngest will be baptized this winter (2014). I love my calling as Primary music leader in my ward.

My family of origin has become a part-member family in the years since my siblings and I grew up together in the Church. Two of my brothers are gay and understandably could not find an acceptable place for themselves in the Church. Two more siblings have also discontinued church activity, and my dad has also reduced his participation. I have hope that a more inclusive, diverse leadership might better address the issues that contributed to their dissatisfaction. Mother Eve, who looked beyond black-and-white rules to the spirit of the law and the real consequences of her actions, could provide a useful archetype for women leaders seeking creative approaches to sexual and gender diversity within the Church and other challenging issues.

When I was investigating the possibility of becoming a transracial adoptive mother, I read about the importance of parents’ commitment to advocate for their children. It is not lost on me that 40 years ago, when I was born, my multiracial, temple-sealed family would not have been possible within the Church. I am grateful for the 1978 revelation that made it so I would not have to advocate for equality for my sons in priesthood power. I know the Church continually changes and improves through revelation. I advocate now for my daughter—and for myself, although that is not easy for me to say—and for our family members yet to come. I believe with all my heart that all are alike unto God. I believe women should be ordained.