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About me:

I’m from Utah. I love reading, writing, thinking, and spending time with my family.

Why I’m Mormon:

It’s my heritage. I have Mormon ancestry as far back as you can go on my dad’s side; on my mom’s side, my grandpa’s family were all Mormons, but my grandma didn’t know about the Church until she met two young missionaries. I’m glad she did!

It’s my heart. I believe in a loving Heavenly Mother and Father who are interested and involved in our lives. I believe in Jesus Christ, in His words, and in His love for every person. I believe in His Atonement, and I believe that there’s nothing more important than cultivating His charity for our brothers and sisters upon this earth.

Why I think Mormon women should have the priesthood:

I think the Church itself would benefit from ordaining women to the priesthood. As leaders, women would bring new ideas and insights because we have unique experiences and perspectives. Visiting teaching relationships would be more meaningful because women would be able to administer blessings to each other, rather than calling on home teachers. Sister missionaries would be able to take on more of the workload within their missions, which would be particularly helpful if they are in an area that has few priesthood-holding men. Women in families without priesthood-holding men around would be able to give healing blessings to family members, give baby blessings, and perform ordinances like baptisms.

I believe it would be a blessing to families and stakes everywhere to ordain Mormon women to the priesthood.