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I am a mother of three kids staying home with them in Arizona. I have been married for almost 10 years. I am active in sports and exercise. I am a life long member of the Church. My parents were converts before I was born. I have held many callings in primary, including a couple of presidencies. I also have served in Young Women’s.

A couple of years ago when my daughter entered the Young Women’s program, I became more aware of inequality. She was the one pointing out her feelings that she wanted more. She was not satisfied with the answers she got from me or the bishopric about why she could not hold the priesthood. I was called into Young Women’s around the same time. I sat through a lesson with her and the whole stake youth group about how girls can help boys be all they can be. Boys needed to get on missions, go to college, and have good careers, things my daughter wants as well, and the girls were given instruction on their responsibility to get them to those goals. We both went home and had a cry. I told her I felt the church will evolve and become more inclusive as they see the potential of women.

I now think of all the missed opportunities my mother could have used if she had the priesthood. My father could not hold it for most of my life. Other men had to come over and give my siblings and I blessings or baptize and confirm us. How powerful those would have been for me to have a parent that was worthy and willing to perform it for me! It is my opinion my mother could have had many empowering experiences as well that was sorely needed in her life.

My faith has wavered in this church. One catalyst in loss of faith has been issues surrounding gender inequality. Even still, I feel strongly this church would benefit its members, especially women, if they would ordain women. I believe women should be ordained.