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Mormonism is the lens of awe that I see the world through. I look into someone else’s face and I see divinity–female and male. I watch the branches move in the wind and I see the breath of God–Mother and Father. Mormonism has taught me faith–faith that with God nothing is impossible; faith that heals and blesses; faith that makes us all equal; faith that instills hope and joy. It is my faith and hope that we can all work and participate together as human beings, part of a family, a whole unit, all of us equal in opportunity, faith, and voice. Mormonism has taught me that I am a human on the path to divinity. God, Mother and Father, loves me, and as I work with God good can come from joys and sorrows. Mormonism has taught me that Eve and Adam worked together, making far-reaching choices. Mormonism has taught me there is a Mother in heaven, and I can be like Her here on this earth, a priestess.