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Hi, my name is Anne. I am a mother, a wife, a nurse, a potter a maker of beautiful things. I was born into a large Mormon family and spent 27 years absolutely devout and faithful. I was married to an abuser who also had the priesthood. My priesthood leader was in my home and in my face. I had no power, no ordination that could help me weather the abuse. My husband was rarely worthy to give a blessing to me or to one of our daughters when they were sick. He didn’t want me asking someone else to do it because that would be embarrassing. I secretly gave them blessings myself because I believed I could and should do so. I had to divorce my husband to ensure the safety and health of my daughters and myself.

I was a faithful member at the time of the excommunications of the September six in 1993. It hurt my heart to hear the hostility of the body of the church toward those brave souls who’s work I was reading at that very time. It broke my heart when I discovered that there was not a place for me in the LDS church and when I came to the conclusion that my precious daughters would be healthier mentally emotionally and spiritually not being raised in that climate. I didn’t have the patience to wait for change, to spend the best years of mine and my daughter’s lives in a church that would not ordain us if we wanted to be ordained; that would not give us equal value, equal power, equal voice and consideration.

I have been surprised how much this still matters to me–how tender I still feel about this. My heart breaks for my wonderful faithful friend Corinne and her husband who struggle with heartache over their doubts and questions, over their desire for gender equality in the church. It is in Corinne’s honor that I submit my profile to Ordain Women. I have 6 sisters–5 still active and faithful in the LDS Church. I have a mother who is so smart and capable but I believe diminished herself to fit in to this sexist culture. It is for them that I join this movement. It may be a little to late for me with too many hurdles (I also am in a legal same sex marriage) but this still matters a great deal to me. I support and sustain all women who feel called to stay in the LDS church AND ask for the priesthood. I believe women should be ordained