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Hi, I’m Annette, a British Anglican, living in Buckingham, England.  I love the calling, faith, and practical ministry that women priests bring to our services – especially baptisms and funerals.  I’m praying that soon the General Synod will allow women priests to be elected bishops now that they have agreed on the proposal (approved in November 2013).

I’m a progressive, social justice activist who believes in Christ’s redeeming love for each of us.  I’m committed to girls’ education: I sponsored Hanna, an Ethiopian orphan through university in Addis Ababa, from 2006 – 2009.  Today, she has a really well paid job as a teacher in the city!  I help out in social justice work with my church and write for the newsletter.  I’ve also written a book, “An Ethiopian Odyssey” to raise funds for water projects in Ethiopia.  It’s encouraging many to see Christianity and faith in a new light, at a time when the UK media mostly promote people who say that faith is dead.

We women don’t seek dominion over men, just to use all our gifts in the service of the Lord and humanity.  I firmly believe women should be ordained.