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I was raised in the church by good parents who love me, in a house full of energetic siblings. I studied animation in college and served a mission in Washington, D.C. I married my best friend from high school in the temple. Within the church, I have served as a service leader, a Relief Society counselor, a Relief Society teacher, a Primary teacher, a Primary chorister, and a Cub Scouts leader. I have also spent several years serving as a girls’ camp counselor. I am active with a current temple recommend and now hold callings as a Primary pianist and a visiting teacher.

As a childless woman in the Church, it pains me to hear that the equivalent of the priesthood is motherhood–something I will not experience. Many of my strengths lie outside of the prescribed roles for women in the Church. I have never really understood why certain roles are assigned to men and women purely on the basis of biology. I don’t think anyone is really that simple.

I believe in continuing revelation, and I believe there is more the women of the Church can do to help strengthen the stakes of Zion. I believe in the gospel, and Mormonism is my home. I am a faithful Mormon woman, and I believe women should be ordained.