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Hi, I’m Ari. I’m a wife, daughter, sister. I am a Mormon with a rich and wonderful pioneer heritage which I cherish. I hike, run, bike, ski, camp, and explore the world. I have always found peace and happiness in the outdoors, which is my most holy and pure place on earth.

I work in the mental health field where I treat women who have survived interpersonal abuse and my eyes have been opened to the suffering and damage that comes from the implicit and explicit sexism of our culture.

I have been an active member of the Mormon community my entire life and have served in many callings. I recently decided to take space partly because of the many disservices toward women I observed in the church including messages to young women about purity and the singular role of women as mothers. I take at face value the teaching that men and women are complimentary to each other not just in marriage but in leadership and I look forward to the day my sisters in Zion see the fulfillment of this teaching. I believe women should be ordained.