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My name is Ayon. My parents were baptized into the LDS Church before I was born. I have served as ward clerk, financial clerk, in the Elder’s Quorum presidency, Gospel Doctrine instructor, Gospel Essentials instructor, Sunday School teacher for 14-15 year olds, and ward choir director (my most favorite calling ever!!!).

Some of my reasons for joining this movement are: I believe the Church would benefit from women in administrative and leadership roles (and women deserve a voice in church administration and leadership!). Women have historically, both in the primitive church and in the early restored church, actively participated in priesthood ordinances and leadership (see discussion on history on this website, old and new testament and other historical documents). Institutionalized misogyny in the Church is harmful to everybody and would never be condoned by the Savior. Equality is right and just. I believe women should be ordained to the priesthood.