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I’m Beth and I was born and raised in the Church on the East Coast and have lived in Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Kansas and Arizona. I am a childbirth educator and currently am working on collecting women’s stories of infertility, pregnancy, birth, adoption, or choosing to be child free in a podcast series.

I have served in primary, nursery, musical positions and currently teach Relief Society. I want to see the Relief Society truly become a women’s organization, and I recognize that it cannot be run solely by women until we have the priesthood authority to issue callings, set apart and make the administrative decisions for the organization that are currently being run by men.

I firmly believe Kate Kelly was right when she said that equality can be measured. Women can feel all sorts of things, but until my little girl will grow up to have the same opportunities as her brother, I cannot stand silent. I cannot let her grow up believing that submissiveness and being a wife and mother are the only things that matter.

I have longed for the day to put my hands on my children’s heads to give them blessings of comfort and healing. As the church is currently being run, I cannot do this, and I do not think that is right. I am ready to use my spiritual gifts that are currently restricted by me not being able to hold the priesthood.

People say, “Why don’t you just leave?”

I love that Joseph Smith was so unafraid of searching for truth anywhere. I love so many parts of Mormonism and much of the theology is dear to my heart. I could leave, but I would lose many loved ones in the process, so it is up to me to stay and fight for change from within.

I believe women should be ordained.