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Hi, I’m Bill. I am a member of the Church, a returned missionary, a husband, a father to two daughters and a son, and have served in Bishoprics and High Councils.

As a convert to the Church in the mid 80’s I was drawn to an organization that had a defined doctrine, structure, and hierarchy. After having grown up in the Methodist Church, I felt compelled to join a church that had clear doctrine that if I adhered to correctly would “guarantee” salvation.

My own was a rather traditional family, where certain roles and responsibilities were divided between my mother and father. While I admired and loved my upbringing and the relationship I had with my parents growing up, I knew that I wanted something different within my own marriage and family. This was one of the factors that led me to marry my wife, who is a wonderful partner, mother, employee, and tireless example to both myself and our children of what equality represents. This combined with my own maturity, understanding better the history of the Church, and parenting my two daughters has changed my views on equality, and specifically the role of women in the Church.

Having lived in many parts of the world and served in wards with grossly unprepared and unqualified male priesthood leadership candidates, I believe that our church would be stronger and grow faster if women were able to fulfill the same leadership positions that are currently only available to men. When I look at my own children it pains me to think that the strong leadership qualities I see within my daughters will never be able to benefit the Church either within a Bishopric, High Council, or Stake Presidency.

I believe women should be ordained.