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Why not us?

I am a convert to the Church and have been a member for 39 years. I’m a returned missionary and have served in many callings over the years. But before I get started, I want to disclose that I’ve disaffected; and have been for approximately 3 years now. Nevertheless, I still believe my contribution to the Ordain Women’s movement is as valid as those active and faithful members who have submitted profiles.

I was raised in a home where females were considered less competent, less intelligent, and needed a strong man to protect and provide for them (my parents grew up in the “Ozzie and Harriet” and “Leave It to Beaver” era). The inequality of women has always been an issue for me.

I considered myself a feminist, even before I was baptized. I grew up in a time when the women’s lib movement was in full force and it resonated with me. Equality seemed obvious to me. Why not us?

After my baptism, I had a difficult time accepting some of the teachings of the Church. Blacks being denied the priesthood was a big one and the blatant inequality of women. One policy I took issue with was that a priesthood holder was required to be in the church building whenever women were present. I was highly offended by this practice. I/we did not need an elderly man to protect me/us, nor did I/we need to be babysat. But I believed the Church was true and so I went along with it until it became a problem I could no longer ignore.

I also had a problem with the fact I was not allowed to bless my babies and give them a name. Nor was I allowed to baptize or confer the Holy Ghost upon them. I believe that women should not be denied the opportunity to participate in such personal and sacred ordinances. Why not us?

For me, personally, I believe that a superior being would not be racist, sexist and unjust. Because these are constructs of man, not of God. Equality for all mankind is a godly characteristic.

I believe women should be ordained.

And so I ask, “Why not us?”.