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My name is Brandon. I am a son of two amazing parents, a brother to an amazing sister and a husband to a wonderful woman that brings remarkable color, balance and happiness into my life. Playing bluegrass music and lounging around with my wife and cat are just two of the many ways I enjoy spending my free time. I was born and raised in the church and have had many experiences with remarkable male and female leaders that have inspired me and lifted my spirit. I am a BYU graduate with a degree in Psychology. Within the church, I have had the opportunity to be an Elders Quorum Instructor, Ward Mission Leader and serve an honorable, full-time mission in Japan.

For me, being a member of this church means attempting to live to your full potential, learning to be truly charitable without judging others and working together to serve those around you in any way possible. Being a Mormon means being reminded to do these simple things when I begin to lose track. Being a Mormon means being honorable and following what you believe is right. This is where I have found God in the world around me and how I am able to feel God within myself.

I have heard various reasons from many different sources regarding why the church has decided not to allow our wonderful women to fill the leadership roles currently only given to male priesthood holders, but none of those responses have resonated within my heart. I truly believe the world could only become a more vibrant, colorful and peaceful place if we allow women to occupy these priesthood leadership roles and many other roles in our society we have seen occupied predominantly by men. If the Church requires these responsibilities be given to only priesthood holders, then I believe women should have the priesthood. I simply don’t see how such a large and influential organization will continue to thrive without the opportunity for increased female leadership.

Even the most righteous male leader will never truly understand or relate to the experiences and struggles that come with the divine responsibility of womanhood…and we shouldn’t expect them to. Women deserve to be able to confide in another woman on topics related to sexual purity, abuse or anything that must be understood and advised on from a woman’s perspective. Women deserve to be able to seek help from another woman for repentance and divine counsel. Young Women deserve to know that the Young Women’s leaders that they love and admire don’t always have to follow the directives of all-male leadership.

It is unfortunate to me that anyone has to grow up knowing that they can never hold a certain administrative position in an organization because of their gender. It is unfortunate that women KNOW they will never be able to hold certain leadership positions in the Church. I would love for Young Women to grow up knowing that women have the ability to rise to the most important positions in the church without having a man telling them it is God’s will that they go no further. The idea of an organization with an official policy that only a male can have the final say on any issue affecting a large group of its members seems old fashioned, but that is the current structure of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I believe women should be ordained.