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Hi, I’m Brian. I grew up in the Seattle area. I served a mission in Provo, UT and graduated with a degree from BYU in Teaching Social Sciences and am currently considering a Masters in Social Work. When it snows, I snowboard.

Growing up, my mother supported my family and was the de facto head of our household. She made all the important decisions. The only time she lost her power, however, was when we would sit down to eat and me, at 12 years old and holding the priesthood, was expected to ask someone to pray.

I do not believe that women like my mom should have to surrender their power to an institutionalized patriarchy. I do not believe that women in our culture should have to wait on men to sanction their programs. I do not believe that we should use dangerous apologetic language, saying that women are ‘already so righteous that they do not need the priesthood.’

I do believe that women should be ordained.