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I am so grateful and heartened to see this Ordain Women work moving forward. I believe it is right and I believe it is God’s will.

My life has moved along an interesting path. I am a transwoman, which means I am a daughter of God, but many in my childhood thought I was a boy. I grew up with a strong faith in this church and it meant everything to me. Priesthood being reserved exclusively for boys and men has always been a source of confusion and crisis of faith for me. As a transgirl, I was very concerned when I was given the priesthood at the age of 12. I worried that I was sinning because I believed that girls and women could not hold the priesthood.

This continued into adulthood as I was called as an Elder and served a mission, and yet, I know I was able to use the priesthood in right and meaningful ways. I told my mission president that I am really a woman and he was supportive, but did not have answers. God and my mission president knew I am a woman and still I was encouraged to continue exercising the priesthood and I believe that is a model for the church. Some may not understand, but we must move forward.

Upon returning from my mission over 10 years ago, I felt I had to leave the church. I could no longer handle the way women were treated, even if church members did not know I am one. Women can hold the priesthood and do the Lord’s work. Transwomen have been doing it for years. God loves all of his and her children equally, regardless of gender. I believe God is waiting for us to catch up.

I believe women should be ordained.