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Hi, I’m Britt. I’ve got Cali blood, a New York City heart and crunchy granola Northwest skin. Now my self is temporarily in the Midwest. I have had careers as an actor, singer, and photographer. I’ve worked professionally as a director, writer, and choreographer. If there is a dance floor, I will be on it. If there is a book club, I will come with guacamole, and if there is a pool party at the same time as a new Mad Men episode, I will have a severe internal battle as to which to attend. That part of me is on hold while I focus on being the wife supporting her husband while he works through grad school, a mother devoted to two marvelous children, and a woman slowly breaking up with the LDS Church as she knew it. I love Christ. I love His gospel and I love the individual accountability and opportunities to speak, teach and lead within the culture of Mormonism. I’ve been a life-long liberal member, supporting gay marriage and female ordination for as long as I was aware of the issues. I’ve been wearing pants to church for over 15 years, so On “Wear Pants to Church Day”….I wore jeans. Ready to move forward and take public action on issues.

This lack of fear (or as my family likes to sometimes say, lack of tact) has kept me from Sunday School or Relief Society teaching callings which I’ve always wanted. But it did get me snatched up as a ward missionary almost always along with other callings usually as a choir director or ward chorister. Currently, I don’t attend my ward out of fresh hurt and anger that can’t be tamed. I spend every Sunday exploring other faiths and being welcomed into the arms of other congregations like Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, contemporary Christian, Unitarian Universalist. I have been blessed many times with direct revelation from above, teaching me all kinds of beautiful truths and many that are particular to the Mormon doctrine (much to my chagrin). Once, when my sister was sobbing on the floor next to me, deep in pain, the spirit clearly prompted me to “give her a blessing.” I didn’t understand this but tried to follow as best I knew how, placing my right hand on her head, my left holding hers and praying for her with all my heart.

Because single mothers should not have to rely on a 18 year old kid to give her child a blessing of healing; because Joseph Smith ordained Emma and others to the priesthood; because my pioneer women ancestors gave blessings to their fellow pilgrims, because there is simply NO logical, historical or theological argument strong enough to bar women from this; because of my questioning daughter; because now more than ever, I believe women should be ordained.