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Hi, I’m Cadence! I am a born and raised Mormon, married in the temple, and a four time Gospel Doctrine teacher currently living in London. I am a freelance writer and author’s assistant who loves books, history, and probably too much British chocolate.

While I do believe there are some differences between genders, I have never heard an argument that convinces me that maleness is or should be the inherent component of leadership, authority, or service within an organization at high levels, either temporally or spiritually. There is nothing “male” about the priesthood. Even in the Proclamation on the Family, the LDS church’s top document on gender says absolutely nothing about the priesthood as it relates to gender.

There is much about the gospel that we don’t know yet. One of our Articles of Faith states that the Lord plans on giving us much more knowledge and light, saying, “…He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God.” To say that it’s impossible for current policy to change to me contradicts not only the history of our church, but one of God’s great promises of the restoration: that if we ask in faith for answers and more understanding, it will be given to us. That if we are preparing ourselves faithfully for them, greater responsibilities and ability to perform them will be entrusted to us.

I’ve heard many explanations of what priesthood is, but the most common and best explanation has been, “The ability to righteously act with authority and in the name of God to serve other and perform sanctified acts.” I believe in that definition. I believe the priesthood is a spiritual power to teach, heal, serve, and learn. And I believe that there is nothing about my or any woman’s femaleness that would contradict or be at odds with it or any of those purposes.

I believe women should be ordained.