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Truth is true whether or not it is widely accepted or believed. Truth is true no matter who presents it. It does not affect the validity of our question that we are a minority, or that we (most of us) are American, or if any of us comes from an unconventional background. It does not matter if you like us as people, or even if you like what we say. If it is true, the Lord will make it known in His time. Again, truth is true no matter what.

The Lord’s ways are higher than our ways, and there is so much yet to be restored. To say that any doctrine or law is final and unchanging could only be speculation, because since the world was created, God has presented new ways and new doctrines incidentally timed with the worthiness and preparedness of His people. No one can predict or control what God has in store for our church.

This is the core doctrine that I believe, and I stand by it. To investigate this possibility, I do not need to feel discontent or left out at church the way it is now! I love the Church and I have never felt discriminated against for being a woman. I have never felt underutilized in my callings or patronized by any encouragement to prioritize parenthood and wifehood. Truly, my dream job is to be a stay-at-home mother with many children with a staunch husband to preside and provide.

I stand with Ordain Women because I believe there are many great and important things that are yet to be revealed, and it makes sense to me that the Lord would ordain women to help build the kingdom even more as the work is hastening. I want to contribute as much as I can and have been called to serve a full-time mission in Londrina, Brazil. I aspire to help bring the gospel to hundreds.

I love this Church because it is restored, not recovered. The ordinances of the temple are ancient and accurate because they have been granted us by divine inspiration. As those sacred ordinances, women’s ordination could be restored as well. I believe it is possible that women have historically held priesthood offices and we need not speculatively redefine “priesthood” as it applies to “priestess” or “prophetess.”

I believe it is possible that men and women could share stewardship of priesthood authority as they share stewardship in parenthood. Given women’s ordination, the Church would be structured differently than it is now, but a new structure might reflect better what the scriptures suggest. That women are capable is a weak reason for them not to be ordained, and the work might be further stimulated if men and women could share priesthood responsibility at church and in the home. I believe that our Heavenly Parents love us and will guide us the right way. I believe that women should be ordained.