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My mother joined the Church when I was 6 years old, but my father did not. Having the blessings of the priesthood in my home meant reliance on assigned Home Teachers, until I was married (in the temple) to a priesthood holder. I have asked him for blessings many times and have been witness to my husband and a close family friend blessing our ill newborn in the hospital. I am grateful for & believe in those many blessings I have received through the priesthood. I would love to be able to hold my children as they are named and blessed, or share in that action of blessing my child if he becomes sick, or to be able to in turn bless my husband when he is in need, or to bless or help bless my Sisters.

I learned about and gained testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by growing up as a Latter-day Saint. I strive to follow His example because of the teachings of my mother, my teachers and leaders, including wonderful Young Women leaders and Bishops & Stake Presidents who have also been mother and father figures to me.

I also believe women should be able to participate fully in all levels of the church. I believe our Father in Heaven hears & answers prayers, and I join mine with those who ask our sustained leaders to pray about women being ordained to the Priesthood. I believe women should be ordained.