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Hi, I’m Cara.  I’m over 30 and I live in the Salt Lake area.  I have an amazing life and it continues to become even more so with each passing day.  I am a Ph.D. candidate who studies critical theories in education.  I have also been an educator my entire professional life by teaching students ranging from pre-school/kindergarten age all the way to students in pursuit of master’s degrees.  I love running and playing tennis in my free time.

Why I am Mormon:

I have always been classified as Mormon and grew up an active, full-believing member.  I served a full-time mission to Ecuador and consider that the greatest blessing in my life, so far.  While I cherish my time as a Mormon, I find there are points of the church in need of a dramatic cultural and perhaps doctrinal shift.  Throughout my studies of both the scriptures and other religious sources, I have found the current practices in regards to the male-only priesthood to be more a result of tradition within our society rather than perhaps, as the way God intended.

Why I think Mormon women should have the priesthood:

At first, I was slightly skeptical of this idea, but now I fully embrace it.  In my experiences as a Mormon, I have found there are many righteous women who simply need to be recognized for their faithfulness and willingness to serve.  It seems our society is starting to make serious strides in the direction of gender equality so there is no better time for the church to follow suit.