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I am a lifelong Mormon and feminist, and more recent doctor and mother. I have been a committed Mormon member, despite my doubts and questions about the church. I stay because it is my heritage, my community, and where my spirituality resides. I am married to a wonderful Catholic man, and we are figuring out day by day how to raise our children in a multi-faith family.

With a Catholic man and a Mormon woman leading our family, clearly one reason I think women should be ordained is so that we could have the priesthood in our home. However, this is not the primary reason that women’s ordination matters to me. What is more important to me is that we change the patriarchal system of our church. The office of the priesthood equals leadership in the Mormon Church, and women need to be heard and SEEN leading the church. I know of so many fellow Mormon female members who would truly enhance the office of the priesthood and enlighten the church as visible and valiant leaders.

I support Ordain Women because it might make a small difference in my life, will likely make a large impact on my daughter’s life, and most definitely will enhance the LDS church for the better.

I believe women should be ordained.