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I’m a lover of good books, a student of American religion, a mother of three terrific small children, an animal lover, a fan of Downton Abbey, and a member of the LDS Church.

I’m a Mormon:

I am currently a Gospel Doctrine teacher and a Public Affairs Representative, though my favorite Church calling – one which I held for about seven years – was Humanitarian Coordinator. I planned Habitat for Humanity outings, ward clothing swaps, food harvesting for the poor, and donations for battered women’s shelters. I loved how the women in my ward rallied around all these activities.

Why I think Mormon women should have the priesthood:

I treasure Mormon insights about eternal progression, about personal revelation, about agency, and about Heavenly Mother. And I desperately want my daughter to grow up to know that there are no limits to what she might offer the world and the Church. I want her to grow up and know that women are just as capable of being spiritual authorities as men. I want her to go to church and hear lessons about women Church leaders serving alongside their brothers as their equals. I want her to look up to the stand in Sacrament meeting and see women and men sitting together, guiding the ward together, and blessing the body of Christ together. I want her to feel the power and authority of God coursing through her body. And I want her to know with certainty that her church wants all her gifts.

I am a Mormon, and I believe in women’s ordination.