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I have always struggled with how the Church teaches that men and women are equal in theory, but in practice it does not feel that way. Why must wives submit to their husbands? Why can’t it be a joint partnership? Why does it feel like women can have some power, but men must have the ultimate power? Why was Deborah a prophetess in the Bible, yet we have no female latter-day prophet(ess)?

I believe that women should have the priesthood because it would finally make us be equal according to the teachings of the church. One day, there could be a woman prophet(ess). I wouldn’t have to explain to my future daughters that I don’t know why they cannot pass the sacrament or become a bishop. There would truly be equal opportunity for all. Men would not have anything taken away from them, but women would finally be on level ground with them.

Then my commitment to the church would be stronger because I wouldn’t wonder why God feels that only men deserve the priesthood and not women. I wouldn’t have to question why in God’s church there is gender inequality. I would finally feel that it was the true church.