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I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I grew up in an active Mormon family in Central Florida. My childhood was a blissful, happy one and I spent my youth trying to be who I thought the Lord wanted me to be. I served in callings in Young Women, graduated from Seminary, received my Young Womanhood Medallion and went on to attend Southern Virginia University where I was surrounded by other members of my faith. I served a mission in Bolivia and Peru where I learned through difficult trials that the Lord loves me for who I am and not for who I think I should be.

This principle began to shape my life post-mission and I came to realize that many of the ideas I had held all my life about God’s purpose for me were flawed. I began to earnestly pray to understand God’s will for me and He showed me through countless sacred spiritual experiences that I am of worth to Him in every capacity. I learned that motherhood, while a beautiful and important role, was not my only destiny or calling. I learned that God desired for me to use my talents and gifts to bless his children and that those gifts do not apply only to my abilities to help other women.

The Priesthood is a tool God has given us to bless each other. And women have just as much to give as men do. I dream of a day when I can serve the Lord and help his children without my gender putting limits on my contributions and that is why I believe women should be ordained.