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I’m 50, Danish, living in Sweden for 25+ years and I’m not Mormon but two of my four kids are converts.

I sometimes attend Women’s Relief Society activities and Sacrament meetings in order to listen to family or friends speak but I’m not baptized. I share a lot of the values and beliefs of your church.

One of the things I especially appreciate is the concept of a Heavenly Father and an equal Heavenly Mother. I have – as a matter of fact – written a book about them called “Gud och Gudrun – en bilderbok för själen”. (God and Godrun (a wordplay with names that can’t be translated) – a picturebook for the soul.)

One of the things that really turns me away from joining church is the very traditional division in gender roles and the fact that it feels like – true or not – I have to abide by rules set by men. I have a lot of respect for other people and their knowledge but I refuse to have “instant respect” for a person just because that person has a different sex than I do.

I would love so see my daughter, my daughter-in-law or my beautiful granddaughter at some point sitting up in front of church being part of the leadership. Not because they are women but because they are competent, have strong faith and are great role models for others.

I believe women should be ordained.