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One of my fondest memories in life is of the day I received my temple endowment. Specifically, I cherish the very moment when the women administered the initiatory to me. It was the first time in my life that a special and sacred ordinance had been given to me by women. My baby blessing, my baptism, my patriarchal blessing, the weekly administering of the sacrament between me and my Lord as well as many other sacred things had always been administered to me by a man. All of those were amazing experiences that I valued greatly, but for some reason having a woman give me a blessing was something deeply personal. It struck me in the depths of my heart because we had a deep connection, like she understood me in different and unique ways because she and the other women who cared for and blessed me that day shared my gender.

Many years later while I gave birth to my daughter I was given a blessing by my father and my husband, two men whom I love and respect very much. But the person who I felt understood my plight more deeply, who could ask more fully in empathy on my behalf to the Lord, and who knew first hand my experience as a woman, was my mother. Yet she was unable to administer a priesthood blessing to me like the wonderful women in the temple had on my endowment day.

After my daughter was born I instantly knew that although I wanted her to experience the awe-inspiring achievement of being a mother, I also want so much more for her throughout her faith experience. Like myself, I see an endless spectrum of possibilities for her that surpass merely sitting in the pews as her male counterparts are given leadership roles and more opportunities to use their talents and serve others. All the while she will be encouraged to focus solely on being a wife and a mother, both the noblest callings among her many talents and gifts but not even a fraction of what she is capable of giving this world. I believe that women should be ordained.